Central pennsylvania


Ian bentley

Ian Bentley is an aspiring architect and aerial photographer.  He is an accomplished collegiate Division 1 athlete and in 2017 he will have completed his dual degree program at The New Jersey Institute of Technology CoAD, with a Bachelor of Architecture, as well as an M.S. in civil engineering.  He is also an Architectural Design Intern at the global architectural and engineering firm, AECOM, in New York City.


Glen Bentley

Glen Bentley brings over 30 years of Creative Director experience in the editing suite.  From film editing to music production, copy writing to voice overs, Glen has created television commercials and industry short videos for global Fortune 500 companies, tourism, and non-profit institutions large and small. Glen infuses each project with his editing magic, turning your photography and videography footage into stories that will help elevate your business.  Glen is also a creative partner for branding and design firm, Orbit Creative, Inc. and Lancaster County high school sports site, LL League Sports.